Service with Soul

Holistic business coaching, strategy & design services to propel you forward in your mission.

Ready for the next level?


We help you get vital systems in place that will grow your business.

Make technology work for you


Get great systems that increase efficiency, reduce stress and make your clients even happier.

Design matters to us


We show you how to show up in the world as your best, most beautiful business.


Align your business with your values.

Your business partner


Personalized guidance and caring support to help you co-create your business vision.


We love what we do

We've worked with a lot of business owners over the years and consistently see a sense of overwhelm when it comes to choosing effective strategies and tools. We seek to reduce the overwhelm and stress so that you can have fun running your business.

Our core competences include: team communication systems, project management systems, project quality assurance systems, work schedule optimization, website strategy and new branding.

Our work is deeply informed by the Ayurvedic knowledge of natural rhythms. This framework helps to build structures that optimize your energy so that you have sustainable work habits that support your success in the long run.

Holistic business coaching

Business strategies & systems, healthy work habits, co-creative support to help you reach your goals.

Business Management

Making things happen in your business on a high level, includes managing projects, building websites and graphic design.

Web Design

We build websites to achieve your business goals - and look great doing it!

Who you are

You’re small business owner or a small organization that’s looking to take things to the next level. Coaches, healthcare providers, non-profits or businesses with missions to change the world that value integrity, openmindness and meaningful communication make a great fit for us.

We work best with clients who are looking for guidance, high quality professional work and ongoing relationships. Our clients are willing to invest in a solid solution and have a genuine intention to evolve.

We aren’t a good fit for those that:

  • Are in business just to make a buck
  • Have a fixed vision and aren’t looking for input
  • Aren't focused on personal and business evolution
  • Don’t value excellent design and content
  • Can’t make time to follow a strategic plan
  • Aren’t responsive to communication in a timely manner
  • Are panicky about money

Think we'd work well together?

Whether you have questions or just want to chat about the possibilities, we're here!

Website Success Stories

VH Hydroponics
VH Hydroponics
Valdez Museum & Historical Archive
Enstar Natural Gas
Cook Inletkeeper
Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association

We've built a lot of websites in our 15 years of doing business and, in that time, design and technology have changed drastically. This is part of what we love about our work - balancing the drive to constantly evolve with a tried-and-true system of delivery keeps things fresh.

"Great experience working with the SWS team. They're patient and knowledgeable. They worked around our schedule and were very accommodating. We are happy with our results."


-Linda Janes, Vertical Harvest Hydroponics

Some of our Clients

The Truth

There is no secret recipe that is going to make fulfilling your quest easy. This is the hero’s journey, after all! It takes hard work, time, money and serendipity to make it… and to continue  making it. We're here to offer you our experience, skills, team talents and support but the real work is yours to do. You got this!