Identifying your website goals

When planning a web development project, it’s important to start with a thorough needs analysis. The more clearly you understand your needs and goals, the easier it will be to build an effective website that meets those needs. To help you get oriented through this sticky first phase, we’ve compiled the following list of questions:

  1. Why do you want a website?
  2. What websites do you like? What do you like about them?
  3. What makes a good website?
  4. What will your website do?
  5. How will your website look?
  6. What information will your site have?
  7. What kind of tasks do users need to be able to accomplish?
  8. How often will your site need modifications? Daily? Monthly?
  9. What is important for you in this project? – Budget,
    timeline, company image, grafic design, functionality, content, marketing,
  10. How can you expand your business marketing and/or services using the internet?
  11. Who do you want to see your site?
  12. How will people know that you have a site? How
    will they find your site?
  13. Do you need web hosting and email?
  14. Do you want animation?
  15. Do you need a logo?
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