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TriJet: Original website

TriJet: Original website

This fun redesign project focused on positioning TriJet Manufacturing Services LLC as a leader in Industrial Manufacturing in Alaska & the US. The custom graphic and UX (user experience/interface) design incorporate the brand into a sleek, user friendly web layout that communicates professionalism, success and sophistication. Using WordPress as the base for the site, SWS custom coded project specific backend functionality. As a result, the portfolio, news and video sections are easily updated in-house with very little fuss. Almost all content is distributed dynamically to various areas of the website, greatly simplifying upkeep.

This site was built for mobile devices from the ground up. Beginning with mobile specific requirements documentation we identified the unique goals of mobile users when accessing the site on-the-go. From there, we developed mobile specific graphic design to ensure that the resulting user interface is easy to use on small and large touch screens.