Why use WordPress for your high end business website?

WordPress Web Design class in Homer, Alaska!WordPress isn’t just for your teenager’s angsty fashion blog. Big businesses around the world depend on this popular web platform to power high end websites like Microsoft News, Vogue India, Bloomberg Professional, Toyota Brazil and Canada.com. Chances are, many of the websites that you visit regularly are also built in WordPress. So, what makes it so popular and why should you build your own professional website with WordPress?

1. WordPress is the most user-friendly tool on the market

The WordPress admin interface does a stellar job of separating and simplifying tasks so that users don’t get overwhelmed with a lot of complicated options. It’s relatively easy to know where to go in order to make needed changes. Content is also separate from design, which prevents users from getting trigger happy with design elements that result in compromising the website’s visual coherency. We have found that with a little training, even technology-challenged staff are able to make everyday content edits.

2.WordPress is scaleable so your website can grow with your business

It’s easy to add new content to a WordPress website, whether in small or big chunks. Navigation menus are a breeze to maintain and build, allowing for the creation of as many complex menus as you need. For really big sites, additional functionality can be added (see section #3 below) to make it easy to manage lots of pages and menus.

3. WordPress is extensible so you can add on new features without too much fuss

Perhaps the most powerful capability of WordPress is the ease with which new functionality can be added. Features like high powered SEO tools, calendars, e-commerce, membership and social media features can be incorporated into your site via plugins, without the need to pay for expensive programming. The real challenge can be in deciding which plugins best fit your website needs! Professional web designers will know exactly which plugins are appropriate for your website needs and which ones to shy away from.

4. WordPress is constantly evolving

The WordPress development community rigorously maintains the software with security and feature updates. They have a strong philosophy that emphasizes usability and simplicity. This vision will help keep WordPress relevant well into the future, which means that you can have confidence that your website can serve you for years to come.

5. It’s easy to find WordPress web designers

With the vast majority of websites on the Internet running WordPress, knowing how to use it is a necessity for all web designers. Whether looking locally or online, this makes finding a web designer with basic WordPress skills quite easy. At a minimum, most web developers will be able to install and configure WordPress, configure WordPress themes, install and configure WordPress plugins and add content.

Of course, sometimes basic skills won’t cut it, so, if you have more advanced design, usability or programming needs, you may need to spend more time researching your options. Advanced WordPress developers will have experience in building custom WordPress themes, user experience, building custom WordPress plugins and should provide training on how to use custom WordPress websites.


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