ENSTAR: Utility Website Redesign

ENSTAR Natural Gas website, designed by Sound Web Solutions

New responsive website, designed by Sound Web Solutions



Project Description

Old Enstar website

Old ENSTAR website

We are proud to announce our latest utility company website redesign!  ENSTAR Natural Gas asked SWS (Sound Web Solutions) to reinvent their website’s graphic design, improve the user experience, integrate with third party account tools and provide training that enables staff to manage the site in-house.  The new site boasts a tailor made graphic design, completely reworked content and information architecture, a responsive WordPress theme and a robust, custom WordPress backend.

Project Highlights

  • Website analysis: A thorough study of old website functionality and all web statistics to create a plan that solves existing problems and incorporates customer use patterns.
  • Custom graphic design: A great deal of style studies were performed up-front, looking at color, fonts (typography) and overall style. Wireframes provided the initial layout and graphical user interface action for both the mobile and main sites. Several cylces of graphic design mockups were then generated, with final touches being made during testing of the functioning prototype.
  • Custom WordPress programming: In order to achieve the precise functionality required by ENSTAR, we programmed extensive customizations in our WordPress theme.
  • Mobile: We identified specific behavior patterns for mobile visitors, creating wireframes, mockups and a responsive theme layout to maximize the website’s effectiveness on multiple device platforms.
  • Features: Automatically generated Trending Topics, editable slideshow, mobile ready pop-up boxes, mobile specific content areas, custom autogenerated submenus, online forms, capability to integrate third party logins

Thank Yous

We’d like to thank all of the fabulous, talented people involved in making this project a success, including Heidi Reifenstein, Jules Colle and Kelsey, Kevin, Aaron, Orin, James and John at ENSTAR.

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