The Magic of Simplicity: The Network Website Rebuild

The Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network protects the Alaska marine environment by helping vessel owners and operators comply with oil pollution prevention regulations and by keeping a top-notch spill response team.

Their website, though sleek and well-designed, was originally built around the primary need of securely managing documents. The site’s backend proved difficult and costly to operate, while simple content changes often required advanced expertise. The solution to their problem posed an interesting challenge for SWS: we needed to keep the site’s Web Design intact while greatly simplifying the administrator’s ability to maintain and operate the website.

We achieved this by rebuilding their entire site in a standard WordPress setup and theme, greatly simplifying its old complex tools. The Network’s staff got to keep their preferred design, but they can now easily update text and photos using drag-and-drop features, which has eliminated the need for advanced server and code maintenance.

They no longer have to deal with regular website crashes and are free to add features to their website as they see fit.

This was a fabulous example of how a simple site is often a better site! 

Check out the website

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