You don’t have to understand web technology to reap the fruits of a compelling website. Our creative custom website design and development team knows how to build simple, elegant, custom websites that fulfill your business needs using our process.

Here's how our process works:


Our relationship begins with a consultation

Perhaps you know that you need to update your website or start from a clean slate, but you may not know what you need on your new site.  Our initial consultation will walk you through your goals for the website and what you you need that website to do for you.

From this consultation we’ll develop strategies that fit your needs.


Defining the face of your company

You might have a logo you love but it needs a more modern look. Or, you may not have thought about how you talk about your company in your flyers or brochures, or even in casual conversation on the street.  How you look, how you talk, how you feel defines your brand. This brand is the face of your company and should be  easily recognizable as the product you sell and invoke a feeling in your customer about the quality and nature of your product. We’ll walk you through defining your brand, logo development and develop and printed materials, infographics, or online graphics.


Analyzing your customers needs

Our creative team takes their inspiration from Alaska and infuses it into every website.  We are about creating a sense of place and community understanding. The initial consultation gave us an idea of the functionality needs for the website. Now begins the planning phase where we look at how your business community and customers will interact with the site- on a laptop, from their phone, from the office or from home.

This perspective informs the layout, content creation and final design of the site.  Our goal is to make your site easy to navigate and providing the right information in the right place for your audience.

When your customer recognizes your brand, you’ll have created a lifelong relationship with that brand.


Making your content pitch perfect

Once we have an idea of the layout and content needs for your site. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re speaking to your audience.  In the jungle of life you can’t sell your services or product to the wrong person, a slug shouldn’t be sold a snail shell. To find the right person, you need to know how to talk to them and identify what they care about.  Our content writer walks you through identifying your audience and carefully selects keywords that will drive the RIGHT customer to you. These keywords become the backbone for your Search Engine Optimization that will draw in your customers through Google.  We assist you in drafting your content or in reviewing your content to make sure it is custom tailored to your website design.

When your content speaks your audience’s language, you’ll be able to effectively sell them your product or service.


Your website takes shape: custom web development and design

This is the step where your website is physically created. We build our websites almost exclusively on WordPress as this popular open source software not only comes with the best integrations like WooComerce or social networks, but also because it is user friendly and leaves room for your website to expand over time. Our websites are also designed to work beautifully on your phone, tablet or laptop, so you don’t have to worry about your customers missing out.

You get a beautifully executed website that has a strong brand presence, is easy to navigate, gives you the opportunity to sell your products and speaks your customer’s language.


Keeping your website safe

We care a lot about your website’s security, and so should you.  We live in a crazy, complex world and let’s be honest, things will happen to your website that could compromise your site. That is where we come in, at Jungle, we take proactive steps to keep your website safe and working.

All of our Security & Backup plans monitor your website for malware and hack intrusions, repair your website in the case of a security breach, take regular off-site backups and update core software. Higher level plans provide an added layer of protection via a CloudProxy firewall and include a staging site for testing updates and content changes before making them live. We use Sucuri, the industry leader for website security.

You can rest assured that if anything malicious happens to your website, we’ll be there to provide the website security your computer needs.


Keeping your website up-to-date

Websites are a living thing and need to be maintained, updated and expanded upon as the needs change. With our website maintenance plans we’ll provide ongoing support for your website including content updates, new features, website performance, and website troubleshooting and support. Our stellar support team will be there to address your needs.

You don’t have to worry, if something happens, our support team will be there for you.