WordPress Web Design Classes

Build & Maintain Your WordPress Website

wordpressWe really love this 2 day WordPress web design class because over the years we’ve often seen it be the seed for the next stage in our students’ businesses and organizations.

Part of the key is laying a strong foundation, i.e. making a plan. It might sound simplistic but this vital step is rarely covered in online tutorials or afternoon seminars for prepackaged websites. Having a well defined strategy will focus your efforts and propel you towards your business and life goals.

If figuring out technology and the future of your website overwhelms you, don’t worry! With step-by-step guidance, we can guide you along the quickest path to launching a successful website.

This fun and educational web design class walks you through the same process we use to develop websites for our business clients. From planning, to setting up your domain to putting together your website piece by piece, we help lay the foundation for you to be your own web designer.

This class is great for:

  • DIYers who enjoy learning new technology
  • Businesses who already have WordPress websites and want to refresh or redesign in-house, or just understand the process
  • Budding web designers who want to learn an approach to building successful websites
  • Low budget folks who want the support of a physical class and local teachers

This class isn’t great for you if you:

  • Want an instant website
  • Want a super cheap website
  • Want fancy, custom graphic design

Unlike a subscription web design service like Wix or SquareSpace, WordPress gives you the keys to your own house, which you can fully customize and evolve as your business evolves. The difference is akin to building your dream home from scratch or renting a fully furnished apartment. For some people, the furnished rental meets their needs. For others, it’s limiting and frustrating.

The most popular web design “software” on the market, WordPress has an incredible amount of online resources for continuing education and troubleshooting. We are also always available to answer questions, offer guidance and provide support in any way you need!

Course Outline

This 2 day schedule includes plenty of time for one-on-one questions and practice. One hour of free post-class support is also included  to go over any questions that might pop up while working at home.

Day 1

9am – 5pm

Needs and desires
  • Determining your needs
  • Marketing
  • Information
  • Utility
Content – the foundation
  • The principles of good content
Design – your message
  • The principles of good design
Tools of the trade
CMS – Content Management System
  • Reduce your workload via CMS
  • Empowering your employees
  • Helping Google love you more
Making a home for your CMS
  • Getting a domain name
  • Picking a web host
Building your site
  • Manual construction
  • HTML basics
  • Design to WordPress Theme
  • Customizing with CSS
  • Using pre-made themes
  • Choosing and customizing a theme
  • Your online home is ready to be moved into!

Day 2

9am – 5pm

WordPress content geography
  • Content and categories
  • Where these things go – headers and sidebars explained
  • Posts vs Pages
WordPress editing tricks
  • Adding content
  • Formatting text
  • All about Images – editing, choosing, and placing
Wide World of Widgets
  • What is a widget and when would you use it
  • Menus in action
  • Creating and placing menus
  • Menu tricks
The Power of WordPress Plugins
  • Installing and configuring your plugins
  • Updating and troubleshooting plugins
  • Top plugins to save you time and improve your site
Individual projects focus time
Your roadmap to the future
  • Keeping your site updated
  • Maintaining your design aesthetic
  • Interact with your visitors
  • Manage visitor statistics

Both days: $499    One day: $299

Web design classes are given through our IT department, Out of a Jam Solutions. Check out the Out of a Jam site for a complete list of materials.

Workshop Instructors

Michael Miller owns and operates Out of a Jam Solutions, where he works to make customers’ lives simpler with repair and consulting for computers (especially Apple), small business IT, website building and training. He specializes in CMS (especially WordPress) and Web strategy.

Heidi Weiland owns and operates Sound Web Solutions, where she has worked as graphic designer, UX designer, project manager, consultant and teacher for seminars on web and graphic design. She has a BA in Fine Arts from Rice University and a mestrado Latu Senso in Interactive Multimedia from SENAC in São Paulo, Brazil and has taken art courses around the world. Heidi enjoys drawing and painting with a full palette of colors, finding great inspiration in Latin American street art. In Anchorage, she also volunteers for TEDx, the International Gallery of Contemporary Art, Big Brothers Big Sisters and her own project, CAWs (community art walls).